My first border collie. My big love!




Ewa Wicherska


Agnieszka Tomaszewska


black and white


53 cm


23 kg


Razda Plantaganet


Rain Chocolate Ambra Professional



TNS- NORMAL by parentage
NCL- NORMAL by parentage
CEA- NORMAL by parentage


I can confidently say that despite few faults, the dog is perfect. He is my first border collie, my big love. This is just thanks to him and at the time I got him when my big fascination and adventure with border collie breed started. Thanks to his patience and consideration I learnt a lot. With full responsibility I can even say that a new chapter in my life started thanks to him.

Zygzak is a very friendly, patient, gentle and likeable dog. Wherever he appears, he conquers hearts of younger and older people, regardless of their gender or even original lack of love to tetrapods. In fact, no one stays indifferent towards him. There is something about Zygzak that elicits the most friendly and best  personal qualities in people.

He finds his feet in all sorts of situations without causing the slightest problem  – he stays in new places, accepts other dogs and different animals. He especially likes contact with children with whom he is remarkably gentle and restrained. At home he is a calm dog who loves being petted and lounging on a couch  most in the world. He definitely revives during obedience or tracking trainings  and new tricks learning.  He accomplishes the same task hundreds of times, like a maniac, just to please his guide.  He never loses his motivation.

Dog therapy

Due to his predispositions, Zygzak participates in dog theraphy classes and educational meetings in the field of bite prevention. In 2021 he passed an exam and got dog therapy certificate. During meetings with children he is careful, focused and does his best. During educational meetings ‘Safe contact with a dog’ he happily presents a countless amount of tricks, thanks to which he is already known in the whole area.

 Zygzak participated in dog shows with different results several times. That is why, taking into consideration my vision of the purebred dogs kennel (running conscious selection and careful matches), analysing in depth and simultaneously taking account of his ‘unperfect’ breed standard I made a decision not to allow him into breeding. That is why in 2019, as 4-year-old, he got neutralised.