spin dogtors

the kennel’s philosophy

We aspire to create optimal conditions for development, life and breeding path.

Spin Dogtors is a small kennel of border collie dogs. The dogs live with us in the house and participate in our everyday life. My task, as a breeder, is  to create optimal conditions for their development, work and breeding path. For this reason, we are planning to have  a limited  number of dogs so that we can properly take care of them all and provide them with proper stimulation, activity and social interactions and when it comes to puppies appearing in our kennel, we provide them with proper socialisation programme.

The philosophy of our kennel, along with taking care of our dogs’ well-being, is placing importance on the quality of the dogs used for breeding. Hence, we emphasise the choice of females – mothers, along with good quality sires used in breeding. We choose them taking into consideration not only the origin from good ancestors but most importantly the presence of typical breed characteristics in a pedigree and the ability of passing down a specific set of qualities. While making a selection and matching, we pay attention to dogs being free from genetic defects. While match planning we also pay special attention to the ancestors’ degree of kinship.

In the kennel, we are going to include healthy and very good quality dogs. We are planning to make accurate selection of puppies, in order to allow only the best individuals to reproduce. In Spin Dogtors kennel litters will not appear often but the matching will be carefully planned.