Dog therapy

The dog does not judge. The dog calms you down, gives a sense of acceptance and safety, and most importantly encourages to take an action



„Bezpieczny kontakt z psem”

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Dog therapy



”Safe encounter with a dog”


Dog therapy

Dog therapy are motivational activities, with the  assistance of a specially selected, prepared and well- trained dog that helps with physical therapy, speech therapy, education, and psychotherapy. During the classes, the dog becomes a successful motivator which encourages you to do defined exercises and work on yourself. The presence of a dog helps not only to pay attention, encourage to play and jolly the long exercises but most importantly it helps with natural ‘survival’ through difficult, tedious exercises. The natural spontaneousness and happiness of a dog allow all participants to feel satisfaction from performing exercises and tasks, open up to others and work on their own emotions.

For whom?

Dog therapy is especially recommended to children with various types of disfunctions, disorders, impairments and disabilities. It has a benign influence on children suffering from depression or anxiety. Dog therapy can also help kids who cannot find their place in a peer group, those ones who show aggression (but not towards animals) or isolated children.

Dog therapy is an excellent enrichment of educational lessons for healthy children. By attending classes with a dog, kids learn more effectively and willingly.

Dog therapy is also recommended as a form of therapy for adults. When it comes to elderly people suffering from Alzheimer, the contact with a dog allows a person to strengthen the sense of security and mental stabilisation

Advantages of dog therapy

Reduces tension and stress

Motivates and encourages to take action

Improves concentration

Develops cognitive functions

Improves motor coordination

Stimulates senses

Supports speech development and enriches vocabulary

Develops motor functions (big and small)

Creates emotional bonds

Builds self-esteem and confidence

Helps relate to people

Simmers down aggressive behaviour

Develops empathy towards animals and caring functions

Develops decision-making skills

Improves well-being

Safe contact with a dog

The classes are directed to groups of children and teenagers in nursery, day care, schools and various types of facilities. The lessons curriculum focuses on preparing children to behaviour that should minimalise chances of themselves finding themselves in a dangerous situation with a dog. During the meetings, participants are introduced to basic dog contact rules, they learn about safe ways to greet or touch dogs. They are also taught to  recognise warning signals sent by dogs, exercising recovery position in case of an attack.

Tricks shows

Kids are introduced to the rules of working with a dog and are taught the proper attitude towards animals. During the classes, among others, following issues are discussed – sensible and responsible dog owning, basic information about your four-legged friend, their feeding, needs and fulfilling  the needs, and communicating with them.

Who conducts the classes?

Participants of the classes are border collie dogs – regularly vaccinated, disinfested and bathed. During a dog therapy class Zygzak is present. He has the passport of the therapy dog.
The classes are conducted by a certified dog therapist who also has  pedagogical preparation.

During the classes Safe contact with a dog and Trick shows, female Prada participates together with Zygzak.

We conduct group and individual classes

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