touch of the light of dashing dawn


Active, clever, cute, characterful






Tímea Dezső


Agnieszka Tomaszewska


black and white


49 cm


20,5 kg


High Diving of Michéles Garden “Royal”


Heaven’s on Fire of DashingDawn “Ryan”

dashing dawn

She comes from a well-known Hungarian kennel Dashing Dawn which won the title of Top.1 Border Collie Kennel in Hungary in 2019 and 2020, and the title of Clubstar Kennel APPKK ten times.  In 2021, the kennel celebrated 10th anniversary of breeding work and getting 100th title of champion


Beautiful and titled dogs from a show line, coming from well-known and appreciated kennels appear in her pedigree. Her father – Royal – is a German with American and Australian roots. In 2017 he won the title of Res in Leipzeig on World Dog Show. CACJ, Royal to Interchampion and Multi Junior Champion that has also champion title of: Hungary, Serbia, Romania, Slovakia and Serbia. Moreover,  he also has the titles: Derby Winner 2017, Junior Clubstar 2017, Clubstar 2018, 2019 and 2020 and Clubstar Stud Dog 2019 and 2020. He passed Herding Working Test. Royal – is a real male – balanced and with very strong character. He is not keen on other dogs but he tolerates them. He has remarkable herding instinct, he takes part in herding competitions with success – in 2017 in Herding Competition he took the third place and a year later he took the first one.

In his pedigree there is an excellent dog – a true showman – Australian Supreme Champion Monochrome Maestro ‘Harvey’ – Multi Best in Show, Multi Best in Show Speciality, Multi Best in Group and Show Best Headed Award

W jego rodowodzie jest wspaniały pies- prawdziwy showman- Australian Supreme Champion Monochrome Maestro  „Harvey” -Multi Best in Show, Multi Best in Show Speciality, Multi Best in Group i Show Best Headed Award.


Prada’s mother is Multi Junior Champion – Ryan, who in 2016 won the title of Junior Club Winner and a year later the title of Club Winner. She also won the title of Clubstar four years in a row. Ryan is loveable female, very friendly towards children, people and other dogs. She does not show dominance, she finds herself well in various situations. The most important for her is her guide. She passed the herding instinct test.

 In Prada’s pedigree, from the maternal side, Sherlock Holmes deiRoviFioriti – Multichampion who has water rescue patent appear. His father, and Prada’s grandfather, is SimaroDredded In Black with the title of Res. Best Dog CC Winner at Cruft’s 2012, VDH European Winner 2013 & BOB, Res. VDH – European Winner 2012.

Moreover, iconic Danari De Beers – Cruft’s Winner 2012 and Borderline Country Champagne – Cruft’s Winner 2019, World Winner 2008, Res. World Winner 2006 and Res. World Winner 2011 appear in more distant generation.


HD – A, 
ED – 0/0 
OCD free

Raine Syndrom – NORMAL
Hiplaxity 1 – N/N
Hiplaxity 2 – N/N

Canine Malignant Hypertherm – NORMAL
Cystinuria, type II – NORMAL
Sensory Neuropathy – NORMAL
Clinical eye tests 2021 – CLEAR


Baby category

Prada started her show career in  baby category during a show of an international rank in Kielce where she attained a remarkably promising score, first place and Best Younger Puppy in Breed. She presented herself 3 times in  puppies category, becoming Best Puppy in Breed twice. During the special show Papy Show in Lublin (organised once a year) she attained the title of Best Baby – III place

Junior category

Due to the pandemic, she did not take part in shows in junior category until July 2020, when she went to Triple Slovakian Show in Nitra. She had been attaining the titles of Youth Winner and Best Junior in Breed so she could go back home with a Slovakian Youth Champion diploma. Offhand, only a month later, she also won a class on two Lithuanian shows and became Lithuanian Youth Champion. During Lithuanian shows she also attained the titles of BOS, Crufts Nomination 2021 and Show Junior Winner twice

During her first show in Poland, in Kleszczow, in ‘strong’ junior forefront she won on a high note.  First, she  defeated seven female competitors and then she won a comparison  with a male, achieving the title of Youth Winner and also Best Junior in the Breed. During her last show in junior category, in Zabrz, she gained a second CAC for Polish Youth Champion and Best Junior in Breed. In the junior category she won a total of 10 perfect scores. She became Winner of Youth 8 times and Best Junior in Breed 6 times.

intermediate category

She finished Polish Youth Champion in the middle category on international show in Leszno in May 2021. She was recognised as Best Adult Female in Breed by Czech judge MiroslavVaclavik  and won her first CACIB proposal thereby beginning Interchampionat.

Champion category

A week later, during a national show, she won her first CAC for Polish Champion. When she was 2 years old she got the title of Romanian Champion on shows in the Romanian city Arad simultaneously winning BOB 3 times and the title  of Transylvania Winner. Since then, Prada continues her career in the champion class. The same summer she started  Slovakian Championat in Bratislava winning CAC 3 times, CACIB thrice as well as BOB and BOS twice. During the autumn show in Bratislava she finished the title of Slovakian Champion with the score 3X CACIB, 3X BOS and started  Slovakian Grand Championat.

In the meantime in Club of Non-polish Herding Dogs Show in Wawrzykowizna, she defeated all the adult females and by the decision of an Italian judge Marco Pedro Lopez she was chosen as the Polish Club’s Winner 2021. She repeated this success just a moth later during Czech Club Show organised by BCCCZ. Among 176 starting border collies, she defeated all the champions, then all the adult females to get  the title of Club’s Winner 2021 with an excellent score and first CAC. The big Prada’s success is a start in WORLD DOG SHOW in Brno in 2021. There, among 128 registered border collies, she took a second place in the champion class and then took part in  best adult female comparison and got RES. CACIB. 

This success set the seal on Prada’s show on Euro Dog Show in Budapest. She got a perfect score and 3rd place in the champion class in a very strong forefront there.

The year 2022 for Prada is taking part in only three shows in Poland, during which she managed to win the last national champion CAC and the last International Beauty Champion CAC. During the national shows in Baltow, besides ‘closing’ Polish Championat, Prada also attained the title of Best Of Group II, golden medal twice and the title of Best Adult Female in Breed twice. On the first day she was also recognised as Breed Winner and on the second day as Winner of the Opposite Sex.

By the end of year 2022, Prada started in a total of 34 shows. Every time she got a perfect score, she was Best in  Breed 6 times and she was recognised as Best Adult Female in Breed 10 times.

First place
Junior winner


Res. CACIB at World Dog Show  2021
International Champion CIE
Polish Club Winner 2021
Czech Club Winer BCCCZ 2021
Baltic Winner 2023
Champion of Lithuania
Champion of Poland
Champion of Slovakia
Champion of Romania
Transylvania Winner
Junior Champion of Poland
Junior Champion of Slovakia
Junior Champion of Lithuania
Crufts Qualification 2021
Best Baby III- Puppy Show Lublin 2020
Polish Top Dog 2020- third place in the ranking
2020 i 2021 Rating, Lublin – Branch 3rd Best Adult Female


Prada has been very active, fast and nosy since she was a puppy. Nothing can happen in her surrounding without her knowing about it. Moreover, she is brave, decisive and she knows for sure what she wants and she just wants to be… the most important. She needs distinct and defined messages as she is also characterful and curious. She is very friendly towards people and when it comes to children, she is gentle.

Prada is not afraid of thunders, different sorts of noise or gunshots. Staying in a big city is not a problem for her, even though she lives in a village on her daily basis.

She inherited love for swimming from her parents. She loves swimming just like them. She never leaves the beach voluntarily. She loves playing with rope toys and fetching. She learns tricks and elements of obedience immediately. She switches to work mode just when she sees a clicker with no problem.

Prada trains tracking regularly. She is very passionate and excited about it. Even when she faces many distractions, she is still motivated and stays focused on an exercise. She can also make up her mind, she does not need to check with me if she does her task correctly. Moreover, she has herding instinct.


Touch of The Light of Dashing Dawn