spin dogtors


We aspire to reach a healthy and typical for the breed dog, both physically and mentally

The breed standard

Spin Dogtors is a show type border kennel. To run the kennel we choose the best breed standards, healthy dogs with good birth pedigrees and coming from well-matched litters. We prefer a border with moderately strong bones and with height and physique presented in the model. The most important characteristics that we want to focus on while breeding our dogs are – straight, strong back, good motion and beautiful head in proper proportions. We move towards black and white borders with semi long but good quality coat.


The health of our dogs is equally important and this is why our dogs are tested for diseases occurring in the breed. Dogs in our kennel are genetic tested, have their joint x-rayed which is confirmed by a veterinarian’s signature in a pedigree, and clinical eyes tests confirmed with a certificate. In our kennel we also take into consideration  are also different aspects of dogs’ health which are not covered by genetic testing. Taking care of  ‘good’ breeding practise, we also focus on the right age in which dogs are allowed to breed and safe for long term well-being frequency of litters.


As personality and temperament are no less important than dogs’ appearance, selection and matching standards are done with consideration of both of parents’ mental qualities. Besides genetic predispositions, the first stage of puppies’ lives plays an important role in dogs’ behaviour, development of stable psyche and adaptive abilities to various conditions. That is why we hugely emphasise proper, planned and successive socialisation of our puppies.

We would like to evaluate quality  and assessments of our dogs. That is why we assume we will stay in touch with all owners of our puppies on regular basis.

Dogs used for our kennel meet the requirements of breeding standards stated in Hodowla Psów Rasowych Związku Kynologicznego’s statue in Poland which fall under Fédération Cynologique Inrernationale (FCI).