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Puppies – information

Spin Dogtors puppies get a carefully planned, gradual, systematic socialisation process.

We are really glad that you are interested in a puppy from our kennel. I hope it means that our kennel philosophy is close to you and similarly to us, a dog well-being is a priority case to you. It is especially important to us because we would like to meet you in person and keep in touch with for long years.

If you are interested in getting a puppy, you can contact us via phone, mail, fb.


The puppies, just as the adult dogs, live with us in the house. As  proper raising of  puppies has a great meaning and influence on their future lives, Spin Dogtors puppies are subjected to planned and gradual socialisation. It helps them to adapt in various conditions easily and provides them with stable psyche.

Our socialisationprogramme is a planned, gradual and intensive. What is very important, it takes into account different stages of puppy development and adjusts to individual development of each puppy.

Within the socialisationprogramme, we precisely plan introducing several stimulus, on intensive or moderate level, for every week of a puppy’s life.

Our socialisationprogramme includes introducing the puppies to different objects, materials pavements and shapes. Dogs are introduced to toys, different bowls as well as to items that develop orientation in space and shape balance. Thanks to those their self-confidence increases and in the future, decreases problems with travel sickness. This is the time when the puppies meet people of different age and gender, moving in different ways. In a proper time, we familiarise the puppies with grooming activities – brushing, claw trimming, ears’ cleaning.

We also introduce noises, smells, different animals, big objects and moving objects. They have a chance to get to know a mini agility track in our backyard. They  walk on moving elements and have contact with water. We are planning to introduce them to going by car.

At the right time, we engage in individual work with each puppy and teach them to stay away from the rest of the pack. This way a puppy builds self-confidence and learns to make decisions on their own.

Taking into consideration stress physiology we plan the length of trips to the city, first in properly matched pairs and then individually with each puppy.

As effectiveness of socialisation depends on its regularity too so we put special emphasis on the fact that socialisation activities are repeated.

New home

Spin Dogtors puppies are released from the kennel after turning 8 weeks old. As the period of socialisation ends around the 12th week of their life, it is important to us that a puppy has a possibility for further socialisation in a new home.

It is important to us that the puppies from our kennel have suitable guides who will provide them with optimal environment to develop, happy life and the biggest chances for a success. That is why we try to match the puppies to their new owners taking into consideration their temper, behaviour and appearance.

Volhard’s tests

To do it as objectively and professionally as possible, the 7 weeks old puppies will be subjected to Volhard’s personality tests that assess: temper, potentiality of obedience, willingness for cooperation with human, type of defence reaction, tendency for domination and sensitivity to visual, audio and touch stimulus.

While matching the puppies with the new owners, of course we will bear in mind the personality preferences of the new owners but we point out that in our kennel there is no possibility to choose a puppy based only on its colour or appearance. A new puppy caretaker will receive a personalised ‘Socialisation programme’ that will simplify finishing the socialisation process in a new home.

A new owner of a Spin Dogtors’ puppy will receive from us:

the contract of passing on the puppy

ZKwP (FCI) metrics which is a confirmation of the dog’s origin

the health record book with information about valid vaccination and deworming

the number of the dog’s microchip

a starter kit



All the puppies from our kennel are passed on with the contract.

The Spin Dogtors’s puppies are being sold with ‘breeding ban’ unless it is noted in the contract differently by the way of exception. Restricted breeding rights that is ‘breeding ban’ written in the contract means that the buyers do not have the right to use the dog for breeding them and presenting  on purebred dogs shows.

Such a dog is of course fully purebred, they own all the ZKwP documents and is registered which gives the possibility to rival with them in dog sports: agility, dance with a dog, flyball, hunting, herding, obedience etc.

The puppies with breeding ban are raised with the same care, socialisation and have the same origin documented with a pedigree.