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Our path is: following proper breeding practises, widening the knowledge, taking care of high standards of kennel running.

The basic duty of every responsible breeder is providing dogs with proper living conditions and following good breeding practises. These obligations force breeders to attaining and widen knowledge from different fields connected to kennel running regularly – in the field of biology, veterinary, genetics, behaviorism, psychology, economics, law and marketing. Taking into consideration all mentioned above I put special emphasis on trainings, courses, training workshops and lectures. In order to gain  knowledge and exchange  experience I also stay in touch with different breeders. By caring about my own self-development I can give better advice and more support to new owners of Spin Dogtors dogs.

Since the moment  a first border collie appeared in my house, I have been spending a lot of time delving into the knowledge of the breed as well as depriving the issues related to dog training.

The materials connected to foundation of working with dogs, motivation in work and dog communication were helpful.

Getting ready to the first Spin Dogtors’ litter I focused on genetics, anatomy, propagation and looking after a litter.

I believe that one of the important things is the proper preparation of a puppy to an adult life, that is why I also spend a lot of time on widening my knowledge on socialisation, puppies’ predispositions tests and  puppies’ upbringing.


‘Building a purebred dogs kennel branch’ training, Rzeszow ?

‘Breeders on start’ webinar, conducted by AgnieszkaLyp-Chmielewska, Animalia training centre ?

‘First aid for dogs – emergency management’ training, Specjal-Wet

‘Obedience with Joanna Hewelt’ seminar, Lublin

‘Allow him to want’ lecture, with AgnieszkaJanarek

‘Work fundaments with Joanna Hewelt’, ad astra

‘Big deal. Bribery or motivation. About motivation and motivating’ webinar, with JagnaNowotarska

‘Motivation with Paula Guminska’ webinar, Balans.dog

‘Asset defense’ webinar, Emilia Czechowicz, Psie ABC

‘Dog clicker and resignation’ training, conducted by EdytaOssowska, Pro handling

‘Aboutcontrol’ webinar, Kuba Wierzykiewicz, Agnieszka Wojtkow

‘Human’s emotions influence on a dog’ meeting, AnetaAwtoniuk, PSYchodniaANety

‘Dog communication’ seminar, with Joanna Blonska

‘Dog communication. How to raise a puppy’ with Monika Suchowiak

‘Anatomy and action’ training, conducted by edytaOssowska, Animalia training centre

‘Genetics for dog breeders’ training, UrszulaCharytonik, Animalia training centre

‘Course for purebred dogs breeders’, 13.05-02.07.2020, organiserZKwP, Piaseczno

‘Kennel ABC’ course, concucted by EdytaOssowska, Pro handling ?

‘Introduction to matching and matching’ lecture, with Anna Jaskiewicz, ZKwP, Warsaw

‘Pregnancy and delivery’ lecture, with Anna Jaskiewicz, ZKwP, Warsaw

‘Puppy rearing’ lecture, with Anna Jaskiewicz, ZKwP, Warsaw

Certified Dogtherapy Basic Course

Iskra Foundation in Cracow

“Dogotherapy KNOW HAUUu” Webinar, waniliowo

“Elements of Sensory Integration Therapy with dogs”- Monika Litwinow Cieślewicz